No limit Texas Hold'em Starting Hands

To be successful at No limit Texas Hold'em you must chose your starting hand carefully. Any two cards can make a hand however if you go all-in with King Duce off because you have top pair on the board and your opponent turns over King Ten or better your are likely to be digging in your pocket to re-buy quite a few times before your session is over. In the long run it is better to only play premium hands in the correct position that way if you do hit a pair on the board you are less likely to be dominated by a higher kicker, this is also true when playing suited or connectors the higher the cards you have the less likely it is that you will be drawing dead, it is better to have the high end of a flush or a straight than the low.


Below is a list of starting hands and Positions if you stick to only raising these hands in the right position, in the long run you will win more than you lose (I say raising because depending on the blinds and the limpers sometimes it just pays to see a cheap flop).


...and any Ace with a same suited lower card.