On-Line Poker Rules

  1. Never fold.
  2. Raise if no one else raises.
  3. If someone re-raises move all-in.
  4. See every flop.
  5. Call every bet to the river with ace high.
  6. If you have 9 duce off suit and you have been raised and re-raised, move all-in.
  7. Criticize everyone else's calls.
  8. Always show your bluffs and then insult your opponent for folding.
  9. Any ace is worthy of an all-in even if you are out of position, have average stack size and have been raised and raised by two other players.
  10. When there is four to the flush on the board and you made two pair (different suit) on the river move all-in even if there is five other people in the hand.
  11. When you win a hand make sure you insult your opponent for calling even if you have been raising and showing junk hands the entire session.
  12. Risk all your chips first hand to pick up the blinds even if you have been raised and re-raised.
    When you get pocket aces slow play them to the river and when one of the five other people who are in the hand bets move all-in to spring your trap, even if there is a straight draw, flush draw or pair on the board.
  13. When you get I wired pair go all in on the flop even if there is 3 over cards.
  14. ALWAYS go all in with big slick even if you have missed the flop and the turn.

These rules are meant for fun and in no way are to be taken as a guild line, If however you are already playing according to these rules then you have most likely lost all your money and the chances of you buying one of our shirts are slim.